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Espresso Book Machine in Harriet Irving Library Commons

Publishing Services

Electronic Journal Publishing

The Centre for Digital Scholarship has provided digital publication services – in one form or another – for an increasing number of academic journals for nearly two decades. Using a locally maintained installation of the Public Knowledge Project’s popular Open Journal Systems platform, CDS staff can help journal editorial staff do nearly anything from simple hosting of digital versions of issues, to full back-run digitization, to fully-online peer review and journal management.

Express Press on-demand book printing

Express Press is part of the Libraries' suite of Publishing Services, managed by the Centre for Digital Scholarship. The heart of Express Press is an Espresso Book Machine (EBM)—a fully self-contained print-on-demand unit that can print, bind and trim a high-quality paperback book from a digital file in under ten minutes. Using the EBM, we offer two distinct kinds of service:

  • Reprints of previously published works. You may select from millions of out-of-print books available for download, via EspressNet. Coming Soon!
  • Self-publishing projects. If you have a work you would like to see printed, we are happy to consult with you to make that happen. Please note that we do not offer editorial services, and all content to be printed must be cleared of permissions from rights holders. Projects for self-publishing require two PDF files: a cover file, and a bookblock. Please consult the Submission Guidelines for help with formatting questions. Further tips can be found in the document DIY Guidelines.


The basic price model for a self-publishing project consists of a set-up fee of $60, and then $0.06 per page. Prices may vary, given the diverse nature of projects.

We are very excited to offer these new services, and will be expanding and refining them in coming months (please be patient as we work out the kinks!)

To set a consultation appointment, or for more information, please contact us: