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ArtCan is the public face of the Canadian Art Commons for History of Art Education and Training (CACHET), a national network funded by the Partnership Development Grant Program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Founded in 2013, CACHET is dedicated to consolidating and developing resources in the visual arts in Canada for the benefit of national and international academic and museum-based researchers, curators, educators, students, and the broader public.

ArtCan’s goal is to facilitate the exchange of research expertise, knowledge creation, training, and practice in the visual arts in Canada. Projects undertaken by ArtCan’s partners and collaborators are designed for specialist and non-specialist audiences, whether local, regional, or transnational. Its web-based digital commons will present new insights and practical applications generated through ArtCan’s pilot projects, making them available for a broad audience to consult, discuss, elaborate, and apply. ArtCan will demonstrate the significance and diversity of Canadian visual art both within and beyond its conventional contexts. is a prototype site in progress. Over time, its look and feel may change, and whole sections may be reconstructed.